Cycling trip

img_0506Hello everyone,

I’m on my last day as I write this blog. Today is a free day in Saigon, it’s a bustling city with crazy driving the roads are like the start of a motorcycle Grand Prix, if I said hundreds of mopeds on the road I’m not exaggerating!!!! Life in your hands crossing the road. Richard would have loved to have rode around this crazy city.

Yesterday was the last cycling day through Vietenam, it is a beautiful country of what I’ve seen. We’ve cycled along the river passing through villages that live so intimately next to each other. There are carts selling fruit/vegetables just on the track, the noise and smells are intoxicating, the vibrancy and happiness of the people is so invigorating, they live such a simple life, but yet seem to be so happy.

Our tour guide for Vietenam took us to his home to have a traditional Vietnamese lunch with his family, the food was wonderful and so much! I’ve done nothing but eat on this trip good job I’m burning the calories off!!! The biggest surprise was behind his home was 7000sq feet of a beautiful garden full of lime trees, banana tress and all sorts of other fruits an oasis behind the chaos of the road.

Another highlight or experience of traditional Vietenam was staying in a ‘Homestead’ on the Mekong River. My room had a bed a meter from the ground with a thin foam mattress and a mosquito net! No air Conditioning! We helped in the kitchen make traditional spring rolls with all sorts of unusual vegetables, then sat outside to eat covered in tea tree oil ( which definitely puts the mosquitos off) Sleep was quite limited as the noise of the boats travelling on the river using the hide tide to gain speed.

Yesterday was the last day of cycling just a mere 35k and the temperature at a cool 37!!! It was a beautiful first 20 k cycling through winding narrow roads through lush green villages, but the last 15k was v challenging a very steady hill climb most of the way to our finish point. As I approached the finish I admit I burst into tears. 

This trip has been an experience of a lifetime and has challenged me physically and mentally, it’s been very cathartic and healing. I never imagined I would ever do something like this, it’s shown me you have to grab opportunities and make the most of everything, I did this trip not just for me but for my brother, I miss him every day,  I felt he was with me with every pedal willing me to go on and embrace life, as I’ve found out you only get one chance and we never know what what tomorrow will bring.

I know my boys are proud of me, they’ve messaged me to let me know, which has meant so much. I’m so grateful for Peter giving me this opportunity and encouraging and giving me the confidence to do it. I now can’t wait to be home to see them and tell them of my travels. Also at home at least I know where the switch to turn the lights off in the bedroom are! There’s always one light I can’t find to switch off!!!

Thank you to you all for following my blog and your messages of support , I’m sorry I’ve not put many pictures up but I can’t find out how to properly another reason to be home … So the boys yet again can explain the wonders of technology to me!! Sorry can’t turn image arghh you’ll just have to tilt head :))

Happy Easter to you all

Love Sarah xx


Cycle trip

Hi Everyone,

Me again bet you all fed up with email alert of me posting…. You all thought you got 2 weeks peace!!

I’m a little behind on keeping you upto date on where I’ve been. Saturday morning was a very early start to see sunrise at Angkor Wat, it was beautiful the atmosphere was so intense of the anticipation of the sky lighting up behind Angkor Wat There was a bit of cloud so probably not the best sunrise but beautiful all the same, another unforgettable experience. As was the visit to The Killing Fields in Siemens Reap. This I found very hard, and probably lowest part of trip but I couldn’t miss this part out as it gave me full understanding of what the Cambodian people have been through, and they’re such warm beautiful spiritual people who all seem to smile.

I am now in Vietnam after cycling over the border from Cambodia , just a mere 70k in 35 degrees!!! My bottom is now feeling tender I really struggled with it today even changing my shorts for ones with extra padding, sudocrem will be in use tonight!!!! The ride in Vietnam to the hotel was fantastic, cycling along the river passing through villages where children run out to shout hi to you and high five. The city of Chau doc was crazy to cycle through hundreds of scooters everywhere no dilly dallying letting people in you’ve just got to keep going!!! The pool at the hotel was a welcome sight and the 2 beers were the icing on the cake!!

Love Sarah x

Cycle trip


I am buying sugar palm not the baby! Although tempted to do a Jolie!!

Well I am still in piece, and my bottom is just about surviving!! Who ever rides behind me gets to see an awful lot of my bottom, as I shuffle around from one cheek to another,standing up and down. Can’t be a nice view!! Although proud I have someone behind me and I’m not peddling to catch everyone up. I’m beginning to feel the rhythm of the bike and it feels great as you ride through the country. Taking in the villages, the smells of jasmine, burning wood, and the heat and warmth of the sun on your back.The best smell on Saturday was that of Palm sugar been boiled in pans on fires , we stopped to watch and try delicious, a good sugar fix for the 70k that day.

A quote a friend sent is so true….

‘On a bike you pass everything at a slower pace. You can sense the countryside,it’s sounds and smells and you feel like you’ve achieved something at the end which is exhilarating’

Well early start tomorrow as we set off to Vietnam, so night from me as it’s taken me so long to type this – could do with Jonathan help can’t get ipad to stay with keyboard on arghhh.

Love Sarah xx

Cycling Trip


Angkor Wat

 Hello everyone,

I’m so sorry I’ve not replied to all your lovely comments, but thank you all for them, I’m so tired after biking in the heat that by time I go to bed I’m too tired too type… And not been techno I’m a little on slow side!! Also been in that many hotels I’m forgetting room numbers! I am now in Cambodia we arrived yesterday, I am in Siam Reap , it’s a crazy city. yEsterday we cycled just around the outskirts at tea time- think of London rush hour but crazier scooters tuck tuks bikes cars in all directions and they ride on the wrong side! The city even on the edge is vibrant children everywhere on their bikes going home from school. There are cattle in yards, paddy fields it is a sight to behold.

and to please the tourists the city has a street called Pub Street, which does what a says on the tin!

Today was one of those lifetime moments that will probably never happen again, we cycled to Angkor Wat to see the temples, it’s breathtaking, to imagine they were built and survived as they have from all those years ago is just mind boggling, it was hot today 40+ degrees in the temples!!!
Good job the hotel as a pool to cool off on return. Tonight we all eating at a Charity Cafe. I’ve have tasted so many types of food last night was curried eel, today red spiders with beef they were lovely!!
Will post again soon, hopefully pictures below.

Thank you for all your support,

Sarah XX  

I am so sorry pictures not loading right will try do pictures later x


Cycle trip

Hello Everyone,




Mobile shop

Sorry taken me to post something till now. I didn’t anticipate the weather to be as hot as it is! Silly really it is South East Asia. On arriving Sunday I ventured into Bangkok , mad city. I visited the Royal Palace, what an amazing place. The temples are difinately bling…. I took a Tuk Tuk ride…. The roads are crazy. There are just 6 of us on the tour A young American couple an Aussie who is 72!!! And he can cycle!!! A Dutch lady, a man from London quite a mix. Monday was a shock to system what with jet lag and the heat and the fact I had not trained!!!! But surprisingly I managed the 62k!!! We do stop every 15 to 20k for re fuelling its so well organised? There are temples and statues of Budda in most random places. Cycled past lots of paddy fields they are such a lovely vivid green. Today I cycled 52k I did admit defeat and got on the bus for last stretch at 37c it was too much The small villages have a mobile shop come selling fruit veg fish and meat, we sampled some of her wares, she gave me permission to take her photo. Well bed I must go as another long day of cycling tomorrow which will be last day in Thailand before going into Cambodia.
Thank you all for the support, it means a lot when I think I can’t do anymore.
Love Sarah x